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January 1, 2006

collaboration with julie

so, this article is its latter half (see the back issue). now you can enjoy watching more 10 works here which i've tried to work on with julie's help. and yes, this is in collaboration with her. the 10 works below are chiefly consist of her beautiful pix which would be methodologically harmonized with my flash motion designs and its coding. as for julie, she is a full time university student who takes a course in plastic arts. and the photography is especially her forte among them. but to tell you the truth, it's difficult for me to translate her as 1 concept because i can also say she is her own forte in her pix (or what can i say?). just like a model, she would be beautiful and dressed ... anyway, i hope you'll find out the answer soon. so please take a look at them and please run your mouse on our works.

# work_01
# work_02
# work_03
# work_04
# work_05
# work_06
# work_07
# work_08
# work_09
# work_10

cf. if you want to know more about her, her blog url is as follows.


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Hm, I’m just comfortable with this but still not entirely convinced, hence i’m going to research a touch more.

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