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February 11, 2006

extra edition

here are 3 of the exceptional designs which were omitted from the past 2 collaborations, for they couldn't just fit the theme of either collaboration at least at the moment. so i've left them suspended intentionally while looking for a new opportunity to qualitatively undergo a metamorphosis of themselves. sine then, i've tried to stay focused on the further developments of them, but it doesn't go well somehow. on the other hand, i found out the fact that each work isn't individually unfinished in spite of its extensibility. or i can also say it's just something like a sheet of music which isn't yet assigned instrument(s) properly, but it also indicates the score itself would be structurally consistent. anyway you'll make sure whether it's defective or not only when you click the links below. frankly speaking, i don't know right now what will be the best approach to these works, however i hope they would be so far so good for you ...

# work_01
# work_02
# work_03

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